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Ben White Automotive Service Centers in Austin, TX have advanced knowledge in alignment and wheel balancing. Many are baffled on the difference between an unaligned wheel and an unbalanced wheel.

A wheel alignment entails the adjustment of the angles of the wheels so they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other to ensure your automobile is driving straight.

Wheel balancing lets the tires and wheels spin correctly without any vibrations.

Look for these clues to help with determining whether your vehicle needs an alignment, or if you need wheel balancing:

You may need a wheel alignment if:

  • You have rapid or un-even tire wear
  • Your vehicle pulls or drifts away from a straight line
  • Your car wanders on a straight level road

An out-of-alignment condition can be caused by spring sag, suspension wear as the vehicle ages, or after a vehicle encounters a major road hazard, pot hole or curb. The end result is the same: The tires will wear prematurely and handling of the car will suffer.

You may need wheel balancing if:

  • There is vibration in the steering wheel, seat and/or floorboard at certain highway speeds, usually between 50-70mph
  • There is a scalloped or cupped wear pattern in the tires

You may need wheel balancing if:

  • Over-inflated: Tread is deeper on the edges than in the center
  • Under-inflated: Tread is deeper in the center than the edges
  • Wheel Alignment needed: Tread is deeper on one side than the other

If you think you need a wheel alignment or your tires need balancing, call the pros at Ben White Automotive, with three convenient locations in Austin, TX to serve you!

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