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I needed some minor work done on my car, and went to Ben White Auto based on several recomidations. I wasn't disappointed. I knew exactly what needed to be fixed and how much it would cost. Not Only did B.W.A quote me a great price, but not one person tried to up sale me anything or try to tell me additional things needed to be fixed. I know this sounds like a simple thing, but being a young woman, almost every car shop I have EVER been to has tried to take advantage of me thinking I know nothing about cars. I would recommend this place to my mother/ sister/ friends in a heart beat.


My experiences at Ben White Automotive haven't been nearly as dramatic as the first two reviews, but they weren't smooth, either. Maybe I'm naive, but I thought that in this day in age, it should be known that women know more about automobiles than ever before, and are more savvy in general about what to expect from any specialty service, like a mechanic. The good ole boys at Ben White Automotive, however, seem to think that women are still clueless about their cars, and can be bullshitted just like it's the damn 1950s. I had two prior services on my 1999 Hyundai, and those had gone well. I thought the price was fair (I actually work at a generator company wherein we service machines) for the labor and parts, and everything was explained to me fully. The technician even came in on a Saturday to finish the work on my car that time and to release it to me. Nice! This time, I had a fuel line and a tensioner replaced on my car. The mechanic assigned to my job said my car would be ready on a Monday, and the Monday came and went. To me, if you're going to be longer than you've quoted someone, a simple phone call is the least you can do to tell them they'll be without their vehicle another day. The very next day after I got my car back, I was experiencing the same issue with the tensioner. Due to time constraints, I couldn't bring my car in for about a week. When I did finally bring it in at about noon on a weekday, I was told that they would get around to looking at it "after lunch," and they didn't give me any kind of ETA on when I could expect the problem to be fixed. There was never an apology or sense of remorse. I didn't hear anything back from them all afternoon. At 4:30 PM, I still hadn't heard back. I was expressing this concern to a male coworker, who asked that I dial the company. We decided to hold a little social experiment: He pretended to be my husband, and here's how that conversation went: Male Coworker: "Yes, my wife brought her Hyundai in today. Is it fixed?" Mechanic: "Yes, the part was under warranty. You know, you had some problems with this car." M C: "I know, and we brought it to you all to have that taken care of. Why haven't you notified my wife? It's 4:30 PM, four-and-a-half hours after she dropped off her car, and she's worried." Mechanic: "Uh, I'm sorry about that, sir." When I went to pick up my car, the mechanic told me that the the belt on the tensioner had a tear in it. A BRAND NEW BELT. That THEIR PEOPLE INSTALLED around the tensioner that THEIR PEOPLE INSTALLED. The mechanic then told me to come back in a week so that they can check under the hood, just to make sure everything was working properly, a courtesy that was never extended to me before, when I was the person they were dealing with. The guys at Ben White Automotive are complacent, is my best guess. They're lazy and old-world in their idea of how to deal with female customers.


I would like to say that I had heard about problems at this business before yet for some reason I was like *hey I will form my own opinion about them* I had my car towed to them to get my timing belt replaced. The tow service arrived at 9:30am and had my vehicle at Ben White Automotive by 10:00am. So they fix my belt blah blah blah and call me to go get my car. I paid exactly what they quoted me. So all is good so far. I get in my car and its hot as heck outside and my and my husband are a little upset about dishing out so much cash. Well here's the problem, we had our car brought to them on a Thursday and when we picked it up, paid and then started to leave the parking lot I stopped. SOMETHING WAS WEIRD! I immediately started looking around and bam it hit me. My freaking Vehicle inspection AND registration stickers were missing!! What the hell!?!? I was so so so so so mad I went in and asked the guy and I quote *Where the hell are my stickers?* While hes blubbering I state *YOU were letting me drive off with no stickers? What is wrong with you?* He is still blubbering and I tell him to give me his phone and I call 911. I file a report and guess what, they tell me someone at the location already filed a report!! Okay so now I am steamed right. I was so furious I just started crying. My husband looked like he was about to clock the guy so we went outside. The problem is that they only offered to replace the stickers *IF* they were under 20 dollars. We were missing fishing equipment, a hydraulic jack over 200 Cd's and other miscellaneous things. The police officer arrives and he basically mediates and I wanted the replacement value of all the things taken. I told the guy that it wasn't about the money but how could someones car be broken into and they don't even get a call?? And in addition they are allowed to pay then *almost* leave with no mention of the break-in? The employee stated that the tow company brought my car in after hours. Which is a flat out lie. It was 10am. So basically we got screwed, the owner NEVER returned our calls and never paid us any refund or anything. All we got was lies and BS. If you value your car do not take it to these lying windbags. They likely did it themselves in my opinion.

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